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Distinctive Features
Tel: +973 17140110     Saturday - Thursday : 8AM - 4PM

At Madar training is conducted along the following broad-lines:

  1. Training by Doing

    All training is performed on a practical hand on paradigm. In class training is based either in a laboratory / Workshop, or on individual / group activities composed of carefully designed practical work and or games. The learning outcomes are therefore achieved and evaluated in a continuous assessment fashion.
  2. On Job Training

    Whenever, feasible, the practical part is conducted at the work place. A work supervisor is assigned to the trainee, both by the MTC and by the employer. For example, job seekers are placed with respective potential employers, where an internal supervisor is assigned to the trainee by the employer, and the MTC assigns an external supervisor to ensure an effective, progressive, and continuously evaluated training is taking place. However, this fashion of training is not limited to job seekers, but also to existing employees and to those who are not committed to any respective employers, but who desire an effective vocational training with a practical experience. In this respect, a number of MTC programs, maybe in collaboration with well-known industrial businesses with state of the art training facilities and expertise.
  3. Computer Based Training

    All training is supported by the full power of the modern technology in a fashion we call Electronically Supported Learning (ESL). The philosophy here is to break the geographical and time boundaries to the trainee. Learning is not confined to the four walls of the class room, but is expanded to embrace the whole world at large and at all times. For each course in any program, a web page is opened to facilitate an effective communication between the trainee, his peers, his instructor, and all possible sources of information deem necessary to the progress of the trainee. Through the web page, the trainee will find all training material, all course work, many related links and support, and can communicate to his instructor and his peers.
  4. Internationally Accredited Programs

    It is the belief at the MTC not to waste any training second without ensuring an internationally accredited value. For this reason, each single course will always lead to an accredited Award, Certificate or Diploma, all leading to a degree should they be accumulated from an internationally renowned accreditation body such as the UKs??? Pearson and the City & Guilds.


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